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Holistic Approaches to Your Journey of Healing and Growth
Holistic Approaches to Your Journey of Healing and Growth


Let our team of highly trained professionals guide you with all natural methods of healing that include a holistic approach encompassing the mind, body and spirit.
Our professional staff can assist you in coping with:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Anger Management
  • Sexual Concerns
  • Abuse Survival
  • Sandwich Generation (adults caring for their children AND parents)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Men's Issues
  • Women's Issues
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Family/Step-Family Issues
  • Divorce Adjustment
  • Parenting Skills
  • ADHD/ADD Concerns
  • Peak Performance Training
  • Grief and Loss Recovery
  • Job Loss

Specializing In:

Bioresonance (BRT) is an alternative, non-invasive painless therapy. It is free of side effects. BRT complements any other form of therapy, whether mainstream or alternative, including prescription drugs. It acts as a gentle guide to help the body heal iitself and restore a state of balance. BRT offers outstanding results for people suffering from a variety of concerns. It boosts energy levels and helps the body adapt to all types of stress. Furthermore, it acts to balance and relax the nervous system, regulate mood and addresses depression.
EMDR therapy is recognized as an effective form of trauma treatment. EMDR stands for: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. No one knows exactly how EMDR works. However, we do know that when a person is very upset, their brain cannot process information as it does ordinarily. One moment becomes "frozen in time" and remembering a trauma may feel as bad as going through it the first time because the image, sounds, smells and feelings haven't changed. Such memories have a lasting negative effect on the way a person sees the world and relates to other people. EMDR uses eye movement or other types of tactile or auditory stimulation to access both hemispheres of the brain and reprocess memories. EMDR affects the way the brain functions. Following a session, the images, sounds and feelings no longer are relived when the event is brought to mind. The traumatic memory is still remembered but it is less upsetting. Although EMDR has been shown to be most effective with clients struggling with traumatic memories, it can also be used with many other life challenges and difficulties. It can help individuals process negative thoughts and instill more positive, life affirming cognitions in their place.
Art therapy is an integrative mental health profession that combines knowledge and understanding of human development and psychological theories and techniques with visual arts and the creative process to provide a unique approach for helping clients improve psychological health, cognitive abilities, and sensory-motor functions. Art therapists use art media, and often the verbal processing of produced imagery, to help people resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, and achieve insight.​
Hypnotherapy is helpful for those individuals looking to overcome negative patterns or habits in their life. It can also be helpful with weight loss, anxiety, phobias, fears and other emotional issues. During a hypnotherapy session, the client is guided into a deep state of relaxation. In this relaxed state the hypnotherapist and client work together with the help of the client's subconscious mind to establish new patterns and release negative ones.
Past Life Regression
This therapy is very spiritual in nature and helpful in a variety of ways. Through the use of hypnosis, the client is able to explore a past life or several past lives to help shed insight onto issues they may be facing in their current life. As a result, they are better able to understand and release past life physical, emotional and spiritual energy, which is no longer serving them. The regression can help address fears, phobias and anxiety that may be stemming from a past life. It can also shed insight onto relationship issues that the client may be facing in this life. Additionally, it may assist clients in growing spiritually and can help diminish their fear of dying. During a past life soul regression session the client is guided into a light trance where they have the ability to access past life memories. During a session the client is also able to communicate with their spirit guide/angels.  
Past Life Soul Regression
Similar to Past Life Soul Regression, this therapy takes the client into deep levels of relaxation through the use of guided imagery and hypnosis. In this space the client is able to gain awareness of what occurs after death in the spiritual realms. The healing that occurs from this experience is even deeper and more profound than a Past Life Soul Regression session. This therapy can help answer questions about life purpose, life after death, who the members of the client's soul group are and much more. The individual will be able to discover the mystical and real world of the time when they are pure soul.
I practice forgiveness daily so that I am free to move beyond the past into the present moment.

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